Curses! I want to hire more women but they just don't apply!

Diverse Hiring Consulting

Making sure that women have an equal opportunity to get their foot in the door at your company is an important part of creating a diverse workplace. So it really, really sucks when you put out an amazing job posting and then.....get 100 men applying and no women. Darn!

I can help you develop and roll out strategies that help you recruit more women into your organization. Some of the things I work on with companies focused on recruiting women include:

  • Modifying job post language & presentation to attract diverse candidates
  • Ensuring new hire selection criteria are fair and gender-neutral
  • Working with hiring managers and HR teams to develop policy and practice around hiring for diversity

Fiddlesticks! My female staff keep leaving!

Female Staff Retention Consulting

There are a lot of moving pieces that go into creating a workplace where women can truly thrive and enjoy their careers. From programs to policy (both formal and informal), and on to the complex beast that we call workplace culture, there are plenty of places to work on diversity.

I can help you evaluate, design, and implement policies, procedures, and strategies that will actually move the needle when it comes to retaining female staff. Some of the things I work on in this area include:

  • Developing workplace procedure and practice to ensure gender-equitable promotions
  • Creating development plans for female staff that go beyond the basic mentoring programs¬†
  • Auditing & analyzing company data for gender bias -- such as salary, performance feedback, and hiring and promotional decisions -- to make sure you are measuring the right metrics and getting results

Help! We want more women in management but...

One-on-One Coaching

Even if your company is working hard on making diversity a priority, we all enter the workforce coloured by our upbringing in contemporary society. So what do you do when you want to promote women from within and women just don't put themselves forward for the roles?

There are plenty of ways that women end up feeling like the doors of opportunity are closed. Culture doesn't change overnight after all, even with the best intentions. Coaching is the missing link that helps empower women to face opportunities head on, even in the face of the complex system of inequalities they've been dealing with their whole lives. Things I work on in coaching include:

  • Taking consistent, confident action to forward your career, even when the odds feel shaky at best
  • Authentic ways to lead while navigating the sometimes tricky gender dynamics in the workplace
  • Career skills development (like knowing how to position your skills when going for a promotion)