Arg! I'm trying to get ahead at work but feel totally stuck!

Career Coaching

Hey, I get it. Sometimes work is a confusing mess, and it can be hard to see a clear path amidst all of the work piled on your plate, well-intentioned but ill-advised advice, and office politics. Sometimes, midnight googling of "help, work sucks " just doesn't cut it and you want some one-on-one help to get to the next level.

I can help you feel more confident and get you clarity when the whole thing feels like an unbeatable maze. Career coaching can take place around any topic, but here are some examples:

  • Figuring out why you don't love your job (and fixing it)
  • Deciding which development advice to focus on, and which is more about the person giving the advice
  • Preparing for a scary conversation with your boss where you ask for something you really want

Help! No one is calling me back about that job!

Résumé & Cover Letter Consulting

Have you been applying to all kinds of jobs but hearing nothing but crickets in return? Or worse yet, have you been avoiding applying for anything because you're worried your résumé's less than stellar?

Working with me will help you to craft the perfect résumé and cover letter for your job search by:

  • Clarifying what unique and valuable skills you offer employers and choosing which ones to highlight based on the job requirements
  • Nailing down the wording that makes you sound good, but doesn't feel dishonest
  • Correcting any grammar, style, or spelling issues

Ack! I'm terrible at interviews!

Interview Prep & Practice

Feeling nervous about your interview? Not sure how to respond to those pesky "behavioral interview" questions?. Or maybe you've been doing a bunch of interviews, but you're not getting any offers?

I can help you feel more confident about doing job interviews. You'll learn how to present yourself in your best and most powerful light in interviews by:

  • Finding your strengths and playing to them in your answers and throughout the interview
  • Working out ways to diplomatically discuss your weak points, without making them a liability
  • Giving you a safe space and expert ear to practice your interview technique until you feel ready