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Holly is amazing and very insightful. I felt like I could talk about anything and like I could be very open with her. Working with Holly was a great way to look at situations in a different light. I’m a lot happier now and feel like I can communicate my concerns in a better way.

Hilary, Civil Engineer
Career Coaching Client

Before our first session, the voice in my head was saying, “You’re already busy enough. do you really have time to talk about how busy you are?”. I was impressed by Holly’s respect for my time. She’s truly present in every conversation and it was always a productive hour. Working with her helped me effectively look at situations in a no-judgement environment. Go for it! You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Claire, Medical Equipment Sales
Career Coaching Client

Job Search Consulting

After nine months of struggling to break into the Vancouver job market without even a single interview, I turned to Holly for help. In our first session we completely transformed my resume and had me speaking confidently as I clearly described my past roles. Holly has a real gift for extracting what’s relevant and helping you see what you can’t see on your own, no matter how many hours you have spent staring at your resume. Within a week of my session with Holly I had two interviews and a job offer!  I couldn’t have broken out of my funk without her. If you are in a career rut, or just looking to make a move, I highly recommend Holly to help smooth your path. Thank you Holly for getting me where I couldn’t get to on my own!

Amanda, Chemical Engineer
Resume Consulting Client

I approached Holly to improve my resume and cover letter in order to apply for senior level positions in my industry. Holly helped me review my current documents and tailor them to be more effective at targeting the specific positions I was considering. One thing I liked about her service is that she challenged me, in a respectful and constructive way, to re-think about how I was portraying my personal brand and value proposition to prospective employers. I found the experience very valuable and it provided me with skills and tips that I can leverage in the future.

Mark, Mining Engineer
Resume Consulting Client