Location Organizer

(2-4 hours/month)

This wonderful angel will help coordinate with the various companies that host us. As WIMDI is growing, so are our space needs. So, this person will be great at building relationships and would ideally have or create contacts within companies that have large event space. If you've already got contacts, great! But if not, no worries. When I started this, I didn't know anyone and just straight up cold-called until I found somewhere to host us. I'll take pluckiness and gumption instead of contacts! Apply here!

WIMDI Publicity


(2-6 hours/month)

I always want to make sure that WIMDI events are accessible to any women who could benefit from them, so I engage in outreach with other groups and outlets that can publicize our talks. This fantastical volunteer will help make sure that these groups are aware of our events each month, and actively look for other free publicity channels for WIMDI that match up with our membership. Key skills are creativity, the willingness to reach out to the community, punctuality, diligence, and relationship building. Apply here!


Presentation Editor /

Speaker Coach

(2-6 hours/month)

Each month, I spend time with our speakers to make sure that they have a presentation that is coherent, nicely organized, visually pleasing, and full of insights for WIMDI members. The lovely that takes this over will help me ensure that our speakers are sucessful each month. Important skills for this volunteer are a mild level of nerdiness about talks and presentations, as well as a keen eye for visuals and grammar. Communication skills and diplomacy are also important since your job will be to help speakers be their best through feedback. This would be a great role for anyone who wants to improve their presentation or people management skills. I am happy to help whoever takes on this role learn the WIMDI presentation standard, so no worries if you're interested in presentations, but still a bit of a newbie. Apply here!

WIMDI Events Page

Web Manager

(One time project, hours TBA)

Other than our meetup page, there isn't one single place online to go to find out about WIMDI's events. I run a couple of other resources -- like The Women's Leadership Collective, and I want to create a home for these on my website so that . I'm looking for someone who is good at wordpress to help create an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, and on-brand page that will hold our latest events. Key skills are experience with WordPress and a keen eye for visual detail. Apply here!

Other -- Surprise me!

Want to help? Have an awesome skill but don't see it here? Send me a note and explain what you could do for the group, why it's important, and how it could help. I'd love to hear what you're amazing at! Apply here!